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You should've never trusted Hollywood -SOAD The tiger in Life of Pi was CGI only, there was never a real tiger. Get your own facts right. At this point they should join the avengers to fight Thanos🤦‍♂️ Our Creator created all in love and deeply loves gay people as much as anyone else,religion made and brainwashed the world from generation to generation with their lies,beware of religion.Our Creator is not religion but pure,true,compassionate love.I'm a grandma,not gay but I love gay people and to every single gay person I send you rainbows and rainbows of blessings,love and light.Don't let anyone ever tell you you are not precious,amazing,beautiful and unique,our Creator is incapable of making mistakes.xxxx.

Is this official trailer

Oh, yeah. From the director of Atomic Blonde, John Wick, and Deadpool 2, comes the epic spinoff of the Fast and Furious Cinematic Universe..

Mission Impossible : Bald Nation Where is the third?🤔.

Ok great a superhuman....ingenious😑

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If you smellll What the rock is filming

Wow I just lost a lot of respect for Will Smith.....also Hollywood I thought u couldn't get any worse with Milsey Cyrus and all this sexual content that's not needed like 50 Shades of Grey. It's really sad that I'm wrong....

Taboo? gays run hollywood being straight is the last taboo in Hollywood

Katharine Hepburn was a great actress and a powerful personality, but probably the most asexual movie star in the history of cinema. I find it hard to believe that she ever had sex with anyone, male or female. On screen, she was about as sexy as a coat rack..

Kinsey was a depraved, pedophile monster.

I thought a knights tale was pretty good

Stopped watching the video because of the pop-ups.  Very silly and distracting and off-putting.

What's wrong with loving someone?






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